Je Suis Charlie

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More power to your pencil.

Bono’s Big Global Warming Warning

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He sings about streets with no names, German train stations and seductive footwear but Bono also sings A LOT about the weather. Over the course of the 34 year musical journey that has been U2’s career, Bono’s observations about the weather build up a picture of a dramatically changing climate with his visions becoming more apocalyptic, then suddenly, with the release of Pop in 1997, things improve dramatically. We could put this down to Bono no longer giving a shit, I’m more of the opinion he has merely accepted the fate of the world and has started enjoying it.

Click below to view a highly scientific graph showing Bono’s references to the weather over the years:


Laughter lines in the face of fear

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For National Poetry Day, these are words to a song I wrote (and never got round to recording) before the Scottish Independence Referendum:

There was a time
When whisky was the water of life
When pick-axe and shovel replaced knife
Over-the-top men and sword-dancing girls
when good folk were forced from the hills
takes a long spoon to sup in this place
of no relevance

We climbed a hill one summer
Seeking higher ground
We walked through the rain together
This is what we found

Aspiration in the atmosphere
laughter lines in the face of fear

Our time is now
Our people are working but poorer somehow
We pinned our hopes on a paper-thin vow
We are ruled by remote control
we are the over-ruled

We climbed a hill one summer
Seeking higher ground
We walked through the rain together
This is what we found

Aspiration in the atmosphere
laughter lines in the face of fear

Our … Read More »


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My first “google-approved” googlesphere photo. That’s a 360 virtual tour to you and me. Here’s one from a recent trip up the Highlands (taken at Glencoe):

Views: Highland, UK by Gordon MacPherson

It only takes a minute

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I’ve been having fun today and yesterday with @OneMinuteBriefs‘s One minute brief challenge via twitter. It’s simple; they nominate a theme and you’ve got one minute to come up with an ad. Here are mine from today and yesterday, the headings indicate the theme

Scottish Scunt

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I’m a passionate supporter of Scottish Independence and I think some of the proposals for independence don’t go far enough. I’d happily say tata to the Royal family for example and the idea of never using the pound again is the least of my concerns, despite the attempts of sneering capitalist George Osbourne, who trotted into our capital city in the last week to lecture us about what we can and cannot do.

It got me thinking about what a new Scottish currency would be called and what it would look like. I like the idea of the bawbee or the mickle but all joking aside, what about the Scunt? It’s a take on the Irish punt but with a Scottish twist. Well Nicloa hen, it’s yours if you need it… just gi’e us the nod.

Brew year competition

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Brief: Stewart Brewing are taking on Fyne Ales in Battle of the Brewers #4 and are running a competition.

Each brewery will be creating a 5% flavoured stout which will be kept under wraps until the votes have been counted.

We require a design for the pump clip which will be displayed on the night of the battle in both venues. The design must include:

both breweries logos
the text “Battle of the Brewers”

On top of the global fame and fortune, the winner will receive a cask of each brewery’s beer as well as a ticket to the event on the 6th February.

My entry is above – wish me luck!

Tory party rebrand

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After the announcement the Westminster government will review the pesky green levies paid by the UK’s ‘Big Six’ power companies, the tory part have opted for a more apt brand.

Free Air iPad

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Don’t say I’m not good to you! Here is a genuine free download of a cut-out-and-keep Air iPad and I’m throwing in a complementary Air Guitar. Knock yourselves out!


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An occupational hazard of being a graphic designer is spotting typographical errors everywhere. This is usually mind numbingly dull but it can have its moments. Here are a few I’ve collected in the last couple of years, admittedly three of these are doctored for my own geeky pleasure, see if you can spot the f*ck ups from the fake ups.

48 Hour Film Project

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This is a film I was involved in the making of for The Edinburgh round of the 48 Hour Film Project

Here’s Oscar!

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As far as bad taste goes, this is up their with my worst, fortunately for you, most ideas are never realised, this one however was spurred on by The Chip Shop Awards‘ One Minute Brief, the idea was to come up with an ad within 1 minute Advertising the new Oscar Pistorius range from Nike. Entries closed at 3pm today. Wish me luck.


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Amazing the things you discover when moving house! Here’s a collection of some of my doodles from sketchbooks, note pads and scraps of paper from the last few years.


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Is there a ginger version of every one of us out there? unless of course YOU are the ginger version of someone else.

Supper Size Me

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Dear BBC,

Please would you fund me to record a series called Supper Size Me, starring me, visiting 30 of Scotland’s best fish & Chip bars (as voted by the public prior to filming) starting at Anstruther and ending up at MacCallum’s of Troon (for example). I’ll eat nothing but fish suppers for 30 consecutive days, take in the scenery of Scotland’s countryside, towns, its folk, their banter, their music and their drink.

I will meet Nick Nairn and other celebrity Scottish chef’s along the way. I’ll get their opinion on what makes a good supper, we’ll meet fishermen, who actually catch the fish and we’ll hear what they think makes a decent supper.

I’ll visit Gillian McKeith who’ll analyse my health before, during and after the 30 day stint, she’ll reveal the health implications of eating nothing but fish suppers for 30 … Read More »

How BrewDog ruined Christmas

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Christmas time, the only acceptable time of the year to drink one’s self into oblivion. Even your teetotal Auntie buys a case of lager of dubious quality, fir the guests ken?. Whatever’s on offer at the supermarket. Be it Fosters, Tennents, Carling, Carlsberg, Miller Genuine Draft whatever, it’s all the same, it won’t go to waste. And you’ll gratefully accept one despite it being only 10 in the morning. A decade ago that would certainly have been the case, but this ungrateful bastard has acquired standards over recent years and this common denominator horse piss simply won’t cut the mustard any more. The synthetic nectar is even harder to swallow when you take a closer look at the way it is made and marketed.

Guile Gang Golly Golly Golly What’s it

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It struck me as soon as I’d seen it, The Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 Mascot is the love child of Guile from streetfighter and a Golly.

Concrete Shoes

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It would appear I have played my last gig with Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete on Saturday past, at Tayvallich village hall, Argyll. I have been playing in this band for over 4 years.

Splitting from a band is so much like the end of a relationship, I’ve heard bands talking about this many times in interviews and it is only now that I understand exactly what they mean. You play in a band because you love doing so, just like being close with someone and the longer term it is, the more emotionally you have invested in the project.

Prophecies of fire

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There is some spooky shit going on with me unintentionally predicting fire. In 1999 while studying at Dundee’s illustrious art college, I was confined to my Baruffati-spliced bedroom for about 2 months with a glandular fever type of virus, during that time I borrowed a mate’s 4-track recorder and set about recording a bunch of songs, I named the resulting tape Live By Fire. A few months later the very flat, I and three others were living in, went up in flames. 

Right Royally Bankered

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Here’s to the bank that’s been taking from me for 24 years, here’s to the bank that robbed me by illegally charging me throughout my student years, here’s to the bank that illegally sold me Payment Protection Insurance on a loan, here’s to the bank that in the last week made my wages disappear, here’s to the bank I’ll soon be leaving, The Royal Bank of Scotland, the shittest bank in the world.

Scotland, a proud wee nation

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Couldn’t help myself when I saw the propaganda that plopped through the letterbox today.


Keep Calm and F*ck Off

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Friends On Benefits

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Another RomCom starring Justin Trousersnake, destined for the inflight movie bargain bin, with a title that doesnae quite work this side of the pond. Ah well, us Brits are used to overlooking these small details in order to bathe in the infinite optimism of the Hollywood conveyer belt. Well not me, how about giving the film a nice gritty British twist, set it on a run down council estate, give the main character a major disadvantage – maybe an alcohol/drug/violence addiction, drag the viewers through his daily trudge to illustrate how the odds are stacked against him, dangle a glimmer of hope in front of the main character, this time in the shape of Justin Timberlake who shows the man a way out of his predicament. Dash those hopes by proving that in the end, despite all efforts, his disadvantages … Read More »

Dark Knight Rises and shines

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You have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch out the Batman!

Meat your maker

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I felt it was only appropriate to repackage the nation’s favourite pork products following the revelation that over indulgence will kill you. “everything in moderation” it is then, maybe I’ll forego the usual fry-up this weekend, bummer!



Tunnock’s Ear Cakes

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If only Boyd Tunnock hadn’t stopped taking my calls, he’d have heard of this first. Well, the eyes and ears of regulars to this blog are in for a treat as I proudly present Tunnock Teacake styled headphones. If it’s good enough for Gillian Kyle to milk a pillar of Scottish cuisine for all it’s worth, then it’s good enough for Power to the Pencil!



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Has Apple become everything Steve Jobs pledged to fight against back in good ol’ 1984?

The infamous ad heralding the arrival of the Apple computer, which was to change everything for the better. A play on George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, a book about brainwashing and slavery.

Mullan to finally have a bath

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A swimming pool in Glasgow whose closure led to violent clashes with old firm fans is to be reopened by professional tramp Peter Mullan on the condition he finally has a bath.

Glasgow City Council closed Govanhill Baths in March 2001 saying cleanliness was no longer attractive to Glaswegians.

Junkies occupied the historic building but were removed that August.

On Saturday, Mr Mullan will launch the first phase of a four-year plan to fully scrub himself.

The campaign to save the building has been led by the Govanhill Baths Community Trust.

Community cleanliness

Trust Member Tam Shanks said bathing would help regenerate the area and play an important role in boosting community cleanliness.

“We’re converting the auld steamie into a games room complete with a dart board that can be used by the local community and also rented out for events.”

Mr Shanks said the Trust was … Read More »

Quantitive Teasing

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The new Euro bank-note isn’t worth the blog it’s published on…
Masterminded by Blethering Pish picture by Power to the Pencil.


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Jazz Mag for Salmond’s New Scotland.
Words by Blethering Pish picture by Power to the Pencil.

De Livery

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I was recently asked to come up with a design for van livery for a company based here in Glasgow, at lunch I took a stroll out to check out vans in the city for inspiration when I stumbled upon this beezer. It looks like it was done entirely with electrical tape, a real treat of a colour scheme too of broon, yelly, black and red. These guys proudly boast that they do ‘home improvements’… would you trust them to improve your home?

Santa’s Chat Sack

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One for all you disillusioned Santas out there.

Christmas with Gordon

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Anyone else failing to get into the festive spirit this year? worry not, help is at hand from TV’s foul mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay who launches his new book, it’s got everything you need to know about getting to grips with your bird this year. Gordon gets a new one every year. I on the other hand have been with the same woman for 12 years now… now that’s dedication!

A Claus for Concern

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Just the other day at work, I attempted to voice a dilemma I expect to be having in a few years time when my own son will be old enough to be lied to. Should I lie to him about Santa Claus?

When I was wee, my older brother was pretty freaked out about the idea of a man he didn’t know coming down our chimney and into the house, my mum had to reassure him at an early age that Santa was fictitious, he soon relayed that onto myself and our younger brother. So if I ever did believe in Santa Claus it wasn’t for long and indeed I have no memory of ever believing in him.

Immediately my question was met with horror! I was accused of being ‘soulless’. What exactly is soulless about protecting my son from a fat, … Read More »


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Maybe it’s time I made ‘that’ call to the BBC’s Dragon’s Den… forget the Crapp App, nevermind Squarego, this is it, this is a concept that keeps on coming back. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you The Boomeranger – the boomerang that is also a coat hanger, two handy objects in one convenient package – it’s a coat hanger that you just won’t be able to throw out and a boomerang that is easier to catch… need I say anymore?

When Is a Twix not a Twix?

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Should a Twix, when sold in singles, still be called a Twix? What about an Onix? or a Twink? or how about a Twone?

Square go anyone?

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I’ve had an idea for a lucrative new toy that could take on the mighty Lego, it would be just like Lego but instead of having round bits, it would have square bits… I call this invention “Squarego”. I see it really catching on especially in Scotland, I can hear “Squarego!” being shouted in school playgrounds up and down this godforsaken country already.

Ed Millhouse-Band

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It started off as a simple exercise to illustrate the similarities I see between Ed Milliband MP and Millhouse from the Simpsons but ended up being something a lot more sinister. That’s Ed on the right by the way…

Golden Archies

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I’ve been sifting through an old external hard drive before I wipe it and use it for back-up purposes. 99.9% of it’s contents is utter pish but this was a pop-up card I made a few year back that didnae get the outing it deserved

Double Dopple Dappy Gaga

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Admittedly I’ve had an inkling for a while and for anyone that knows me, the likelihood of a celebrity posing as two or more different celebrities is precisely the sort of thing that keeps me up at night. After a shift that would have had Sherlock Holmes choking on his crack pipe, it would appear I’ve made an earth-shattering discovery.

Dappy, the brains behind N Dubz appears to be living a double life. Under that ridiculous hat lies the confused tiny mind of none other than Lady Gaga. It is clear from the photos above that they are the same person.

The revelation is particularly convenient for me as I can now direct all of my hate for the two celebrities at one person. Result!


Facebook Fatigue

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Jesus, why have I just logged in again? it’s starting to become a really bad habit, I don’t even realise I’m doing it sometimes. I start typing faceb… the browser does the rest, I log in, scroll through the ‘news feed’ see what my ‘friends’ are up to, I end up reading about friends of theirs, looking through photo albums of people I don’t know and before I know it I’ve lost half an hour but despite this I’ll do the same again tomorrow.

It’s handy for events and it’s handy for keeping in touch with friends/family that live overseas etc. but for the most part it is narcissistic drivel and it’s stealing our attention spans… and I really need to get a grip!


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And by ‘weegie’ I don’t mean all Glaswegians but a very distinct kind of Glaswegian. The kind that nicked my girlfriend’s bike less than a month after she moved here. The kind that throw bottles in to crowds. The same kind that see no shame in randomly approaching you and asking you for a pound towards their bus fare and that is exactly my problem. I lived in Aberdeen for 7 years, Union Street was a favourite spot for those of the begging variety, some of whom genuinely looked homeless, I took pity on many an occasion and handed over some hard earned change. I always feel that if someone asks you for something, you should have the decency to acknowledge their existence, I watched a lot people ignoring these folk and that used to wind me up. Even … Read More »

Spot the Difference

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I wasn’t sure how to feel about this at first because I wasn’t asked, but artist David Russon helped himself to a photo I posted on Facebook (below) and turned it into this painting – you’ll notice it doesn’t so much as bear a passing resemblance to my photo, it’s a straight copy. It seems the Artist’s ethic is exactly that. Ok, I’m strangely flattered to be part of that process but to have been asked would have been nice ay?


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Compare the Train Conductor by mrgogs A recording of the train conductor on a trip to Aberdeen. Sounds a bit like thon Meerkat chap, wouldn’t you say? Simples!


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2011’s off to an encouraging start with the killing of twa resolutions with this one post. I promise to post atleast once a week and I’m making an effort to bring most of the artwork I built up for Power to the Stencil to life, as well as creating new work in the same style. Watch this space and thanks for reading. Gordon.

Crap App

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Been hoping to delve into App development for a while now. I’ve a few ideas up my sleeve including this one. Now all I have to do is convince Gillian McKeith it’s a goer…

Flying Is Falling

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A triptych of trick of the light.

White Bikes

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50 white bikes set free on the streets of Glasgow for the public to use at no charge, in a simple statement of anti-greed and healthy living. They’ve all been nicked since but here is the video by Central Station to which I contributed some footage:

White Bikes from Central Station on Vimeo.

M&S Wifebeater

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This isn’t just any premium strength Wife-beater lager…

Glasgow Library Observations

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Aren’t libraries great? they are magic places – full of books, newspapers, Wifi access even, they are free, open to the general public and they are open right through the day and often till late evening.

The Mitchell Library, the biggest library in Scotland is the best I’ve encountered yet – it has the most unbelievable carpets you’re ever likely to clap your eyes on. It is as if I have travelled back 30 years in time.

Glasgow Libraries however don’t do SHHHH! only cos Glaswegians on the whole can’t do SHHHH! it is commonplace for punters to shout at the counter staff, who happily shout back – there are music carrells which are not sound-insulated where saxophonists and flutists come to practice there scales, if you want to concentrate you’re best bringing a pair of headphones and playing some loud music … Read More »

Wrong Way Down

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My small town take on Ewan McGregor and that other guy’s Legendary bike trek